Information about browser cookies

Cookies? What's a cookie? Why is sending me a cookie?

Lots of questions... Let's take them one at a time. Cookies are little bits of information that you're browser can save. The basic idea is that a web server or web page can ask your browser to remember something for the next time you visit the same web site (or web page).

The big idea is to make the New/Update flags show up for things that are new or updated since the last time you visited the Birman web site.

The reason for sending you a cookie is to have your browser remember the last date you visited the site. Another part of the cookie is the date of the current visit. The cookie remembers the date of the current visit so that any all of the pages that have changes will show the new/update flags for you.

What do you need for these cookies to do their job? Well, you will need a somewhat current browser (Netscape rev 3 or later, Internet Explorer rev 3 or later or Opera rev 3 or later) and you will need to enable cookies.

Note: The cookie set by the Birman server is only available to for reading. No other site can read or even ask your browser for it.

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