The club was founded with the purpose of improving communication between breeders of red factor Birmans. Through improved communication we hope to achieve three basic goals:

1. To assist members with their breeding programs. Litter, placement and search announcements in the club newsletter, Red Factor News, are free to all members.

2. To share knowledge of the new colors. Members are encouraged to submit articles on any topic relating to the new colors. Past articles have concerned new color advancements in various countries (eg. Australia, Sweden), genetics of the lynx factor, and how individuals became involved in the new colors.

3. To obtain CFA recognition of the new color Birmans. Members are informed of how they may qualify for CFA Breed Council Membership and what the recognition requirements are for new colors in CFA. Members are kept informed of activities geared toward this recognition, such as presentations at shows and breed council meetings.

Membership is open to all Birman lovers having an interest in the promotion of the new colors and is free for breeders of red factor Birmans. There is a $10 annual fee for all other persons. The newsletter expenses are funded by annual fees and also through generous donations.